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Is Nursing Home Abuse Viewed as Medical Malpractice?

When you have an elderly person in your family, then taking care of them is one of the best things that you can do to them. You will find a hard time you are the only person to take care of the family and the elder that you have in your home. Therefore, you will find it necessary to take the elderly person to a nursing home which will relieve of the duties that you had. There have been reports that the elderly in the home cares are abused by the nurses that are taking care of them. Your duty as the loved one of the elderly in the care home is not only to visit them but also to report any case of abuse. When you have noticed that a nursing home is abusing the elderly, then you should report them immediately because the act is not legal.
What does nursing home abuse constitutes of? Many behaviors can show that there is a nursing home abuse. Slapping the patients is a physical abuse which is one example of the home nursing abuse that the patients can be subjected to. Shaming and abusing the patients is a psychological abuse which is one of the nursing home abuse that the patients can face. The other type of nursing home abuse is negligence of the patients by the nurses that are working in them which is not an advantage.

What will show that your patient in the nursing home is being abused? If you visit the nursing homes, you will not notice easily that the patients in there are abused. The signs of abuse on the abuse of the patients may be seen physically or in the personality of the patient. You should then be considerate of the behavior the patient have whether they are brought the sickness or by the abuse that they are facing in the nursing home.

How will you make the step of reporting the nursing home for medical malpractice? If you believe that the loved ones that you have are abused in the nursing home, then take a step of reporting the case immediately. Contacting the responsible authorities of the nursing home can be the first way to start your report case. The other step to report the case of nursing home abuse is through the physicians that the patients uses. From there, legal action will be take on the nursing homes that are abusing the patients.

Be the advocate of the loved ones that you have ion the nursing homes which is an advantage. You will be an advocate by reporting the case of nursing home abuse when you have identified a home that is involved.